In 2019, a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) was conducted in Dunn County. This CHNA led to Health Dunn Right and 5 Action Teams being created. UWDC VP, Luisa Gerasimo, who is employed by the University of Wisconsin Madison, Division of Extension and works in the Extension Dunn County office, joined the team that was focused on issues related to housing in the region. The other teams focused on addiction, chronic illness, the environment and mental health, all of which came to the top of the list of concerns facing the area.

​Each team of community members, county employees and community partners has been working to improve health disparities in Dunn County since 2019. A second CHNA, reconfirming our Action Teams, was conducted in 2022. The mission of Health Dunn Right is to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and our community within Dunn County through advocacy, collaboration, education, and peer support.

​Now the 2024 Community Health Needs Assessment, which has been a cooperative effort of Dunn, Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties is almost done. Over 600 of our Dunn neighbors responded to the survey this winter to tell us which health priorities the Dunn County Health Department and community partners should focus on. Luisa is serving on the steering committee and has been involved in community conversations to confirm the survey results, and is currently leading the Housing Action Team.

Once the data has been analyzed, the three counties will release the results. United Way of Dunn County will stand ready to support ongoing efforts to improve the health and well-being of our community by providing volunteer assistance and monetary grants to the valued partners who serve our neighbors.

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