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While maintaining our commitment to your privacy, if you donate to us on-line or by mail, personal information about you, which includes your name, mailing address, billing address, and e-mail address, may be collected. We collect this information from your donation form or during the PayPal online donation process so that we can properly receipt, credit and allocate your donation.

If I donate on-line or mail-in a donation using my credit card, how is the security of my credit card information protected?

We accept credit cards for donations by mail or through PayPal, which is our selected Payment Processor. PayPal provides its server and safeguard software protocol, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and ensures the security of the transaction for both parties, the United Way of Dunn County and you. For further details on PayPal security issues, please visit PayPal’s web site. Credit card information submitted with mailed-in credit card donations is used ONLY by our Banking institution and their processing partners.

How Is My Personal Information Used?

The United Way of Dunn County, and (if you use your credit card, it’s financial processors & institutions) will be the only users of your information. We will not share, rent or sell any of the information collected from you. If you donate using your credit card, it’s number may be recorded in our Bank’s or PayPal’s database, but not in our database.

Does the this Web Site Use Cookies?

No; “Cookies” are a type of information that is stored on your hard drive via your web browser. If you donate via PayPal, the PayPal organization may use cookies to help them to identify your session on their site. These will collect only network locating information, and will associate it securely with ONLY the information you voluntarily provide to PayPal.

Some of the other sites linked from this site may use cookies. We are not responsible for the operation or content of these linked sites, but have selected only sites we believe may provide additional information about related agencies and services. Please let us know if you find questionable or erroneous information links on this site or sites we have linked.

You probably have the option of disabling “cookies” through your browser. This is a function of your computer, so the manner in which to turn the “cookies” off is quite individual and thus, cannot be addressed here. The United Way of Dunn County cannot be responsible for any interference which turning off “cookies” may cause with the PayPal donation process or any other uses of your computer.


While we seek to regularly update this site, information posted on these pages may not be accurate on any given day, and is subject to change without notice. This Web site does not constitute a contract, warranty, or other agreement between The United Way of Dunn County, Inc. and any other party or parties.

While they may prove useful, other Internet Sites linked herein are not maintained or sanctioned by The United Way of Dunn County, Inc. and are solely the responsibility of their respective owners. The United Way of Dunn County, Inc. does not endorse any offers of services or products which may be made therein, and is not responsible for the hardware/software compatibility, availability, accuracy, applicability, civility or timeliness of the information presented therein, or for any damages which may result from any use thereof.


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By using this site, you agree that you will not copy or use any of the copyrighted information or images displayed on this site. You agree to report immediately and specifically to United Way of Dunn County if you believe we are using information and/or images to which YOU have legal rights and/or to which you believe we DO NOT have legal rights, so that we may investigate and correct any misuse. You agree that you will NOT request handling of any on-line donation contradictory to established law and/or the policies of the United Way of Dunn County, to which you have agreed by using this Web Site and/or by submitting information to the United Way of Dunn County using forms from this Web Site directly, by mail or other means, or indirectly via PayPal.

The above terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.

If you do not accept the above, please do not use this Web Site.

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