Champion YOUR Cause

Champion YOUR Cause

Get Informed

The first part of advocacy is learning. Learn about the issues facing local people, right here in Dunn County. Issues affecting youth and learning. Issues that promote strong, self-sufficient individuals and families. Issues of health and well-being. Learn from local nonprofits and their donors what their needs are, what challenges they face, what they achieve with what they have – and what they require to achieve even more. Dig into the issues that matter most to you.

Become your own expert

Get to Know Your Elected Oficials

Learn who your Local, State and Federal elected officials are. Learn how to contact them. Do not be shy about letting them know what you think about helping people in Dunn County.

Get the Word Out

Get the mailing or email address of your local newspaper’s Letters to the Editor, and write a letter supporting the work of our wonderful nonprofit agencies. Tell your friends. Tell your church. Tell your co-workers. Tell everyone the important work that needs support, right here in Dunn County.

Then tell everyone who could help: newspaper editor, County officials, school district, local elected officials, your state Assembly representative, Senator, Congressman and even your President!


The most important way to be an advocate is to listen. Listen to your neighbors when they talk about their troubles and their hopes. Listen to people you meet at work, at church, at the tavern on fish fry Friday. Find out what they are struggling with, what they need to help them raise their families, stay healthy, and stay self-sufficient. Listen, then speak up!

When we raise our voices to advance the common good, we influence the condition of all.

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