Frequently Asked Questions

What is United Way?

Your United Way is a social change organization and community problem solver. United Way’s objective is to eliminate the effort and cost of many separate fund raising campaigns by conducting one effort where the community can invest for long term change.  United Way is accountable, efficient and community investment decisions are made by local volunteers.  

Does United Way really make a difference in Dunn County?

Your United Way raises and distributes funds to health and human service agencies and programs. We know that when we all work together toward the same goal, we can achieve more effective results. That means your gift reaches more people and has more impact. Your United Way gift will help meet community needs like:

  • Steering children away from drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and juvenile delinquency.
  • Providing food, shelter, and clothing to individuals and families in need.
  • Providing adults with one-to-one literacy tutoring and families with literacy education to break the inter-generational cycle of illiteracy.
  • Giving youth a safe, positive place to go after school and during summer break.
  • Enhancing senior nutrition programs and senior education.
  • Youth mentoring and leadership programs.
  • Providing pregnant moms resources for pregnancy and newborn success.
  • Helping individuals and families learn about budgets and financial counseling.
How much of what I give is for programs?

More than 90 cents out of every dollar raised is used for programming and initiatives that directly benefit our community. An independent audit of United Way’s finances is conducted each year by a local accounting firm.

When you give to the United Way of Dunn County, your donation stays here unless you ask us to direct it otherwie.  The United Way Board of Director’s restrict their contributions to cover United Way Worldwide membership expenses, which are 1% of our total revenue raised.  

Who runs the United Way?

You do. United Way is governed by volunteers who live in Dunn and Pepin County. They decide which programs should receive support, how much each initiative should receive and how United Way is involved in the community.  United Way of Dunn County is currently lead by the board of directors. Staffing costs are kept at a minimum, so that we can have even more impact in our community.  This work would not be possible without volunteers.

Why should I give? I never use these services.

You may not use any services now, but can you be sure you never will? Look at the range of services provided by United Way program partners. Most of us, or one of our family members, will utilize at least one of them sometime in our lives. As community members, we need to work together to make our community stronger. United Way Program Partners or Member Agencies, are meeting the needs of thousands of people in our area. United Way does not only provide programs for those who are struggling, but also for those who are seeking a sense of community and enrichment of skills. 

My brother needed help from a United Way Agency but didn't get it.

United Way of Dunn County does not operate direct service programs.  We provide access and information about services available.  

Perhaps he went to an agency that did not provide the services he needed, or perhaps he did not qualify for services under that agency’s guidelines. Most agencies refer individuals they cannot help, to agencies that can.  If you call 2-1-1, a resource specialist on the line can help put you in touch with the information you need.  

How much should I give?

No one can tell you how much to give. Only you can decide. United Way respects your right to choose what you give. Many people give one hour’s pay per month. Remember, your one-time pledge will be spread to deserving community programs, so please give it the consideration it deserves. 

United Way offers one-time giving opportunities or recurring gifts by credit/check card online.  Employee giving campaigns are a great way to give.  Does your employer offer employee giving?  Even $1 per paycheck can yield incredible results in our community!

What if I can only afford a small gift?

No gift is too “small.” Every dollar counts, which is why United Way is so effective.  Imagine if everyone in your workplace gave $1 per paycheck.  When we all work together, we make more impact.  For example: Giving just $5 via bi-weeklypayroll deduction (the price of a small drive-thru coffee) adds up to $130 per year. This provides over 50 books to local youth or over 50 weekend meals for families who are facing food insecurity. 

I am always being asked to give.

United Way is a great way to invest your gift in a way that gives back to the entire community.  When you give to United Way, your gift is being spread to impactful programs that are hard at work every day.  This collective effort means that we can work together as partners to create lasting, positive change.  


Streamline your giving, choose United Way!

Why do we need United Way? Isn't that why we pay taxes?
Government funding provides a large portion of many affiliated agencies’ budgets, but government resources are becoming more scarce. In addition, most federal and state funding requires the agencies to match certain percentages of the government funding with local funds. Many agencies use United Way funding as the local matching funds, which means your donation is maximized. Your United Way gift helps the agencies access hundreds of thousands of state and federal dollars.
I don't have any spare cash right now.

Payroll deduction is the most convenient method available for you to help meet the needs in your community. In most cases, it’s easier for people to contribute a small amount each pay period than all at once. Other options include:

  • Direct Bill – United Way can bill you quarterly or any way you choose;
  • Credit Card – United Way accepts all major credit cards
  • Gift of Securities – Employees may see tax savings by donating gifts of appreciated securities or property. Please contact United Way before initiating any transfers of ownership

Every dollar makes a difference and you aren’t just donating, you are changing lives.

How do I get in touch with my area's local office?

Call 715-231-3066 or email executivedirector@uwaydunn.org.  The United Way of Dunn County provides support services to all of Dunn and Pepin County. We are your local United Way.

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