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United Way of Dunn County works to provide solutions for issues that our community faces. We offer the community what no other entity, organization, governmental body, or institution can: a way for citizens to join with others to identify the human care issues that matter most, to develop a plan, and to get results. Simply put, it is helping people in Dunn County by making every contribution count.

We are committed to demonstrating why United Way is the best method to invest in the future of our community, while positively impacting the lives of people within our county. We are each a part of the United Way. Whether you are a donor, a volunteer, or someone who has received services through a United Way funded program, you are the United Way!

We can’t do this work alone

We’ve been working in our community for 50+ years, and have witnessed the transformational power of working together. Through our partnerships with corporations, nonprofits, donors, volunteers and community minded leaders, we collectively build a stronger hometown.

Our Vision

United Way of Dunn County leverages the power of collective impact through diverse community relationships to generate more resources for all people to reach their full potential.


These are the building blocks for a good life – a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, and good health. Our goal is to create long-lasting changes that prevent problems from happening in the first place. We envision a community where everyone reaches their greatest potential. We will accomplish our vision by addressing three critical focus areas in our county.



  • Provide literacy programs for youth and adults to secure their educational success
  • Provide youth mentoring programs for at-risk youth

Financial Stability

  • Help families become financially stable and independent by supporting basic needs while increasing financial education
  • Help financially stressed people obtain the basic household items needed free of charge though United Way of Dunn County’s C-3 Center
  • Work on increasing affordable housing for at-risk residents of Dunn County


  • Provide FamilyWize discount prescription drug cards for the uninsured
  • Assist in reducing substance abuse, child abuse and domestic violence
  • Increase health education and preventative care needs


First incorporated in 1965 as the United Fund of Dunn County, we became the United Way of Dunn County with a name change in 1975. The original Board of Directors spent more than a year making careful plans for an organization that would raise money in Dunn County to pay for programs and services that improved the lives of people in our county.

Since our first campaign in 1966, we are still going strong, still helping our friends and neighbors, and still moving forward with innovative and well-crafted responses to the needs of people in the communities that comprise our county. Since our first campaign in 1966 held by the United Way of Dunn County, tremendous growth has been realized. This growth has allowed funded agencies to expand their valuable service to the residents in Dunn County. The expansion has improved the quality of life for everyone in Dunn County.

The innovative community leaders on that first Board of Directors included:

Max Baertlien – Menomonie

Mrs. William Bisson – Boyceville

Rev. Charles Blecha – Menomonie

Dr. Brandly – Boyceville

James E. Breitzman – Menomonie

Joy Close – Knapp

Harold Guntner – Menomonie

Bob Jaetran – Menomonie

Myron B. Junkins – Menomonie

R.L. Lambert – Menomonie

Robert Lee – Menomonie

William Michaels – Menomonie

Larry Richardson – Menomonie

Herb Shutz – Menomonie

Jim Solberg – Menomonie

Mrs. Blodwen Stevens – Menomonie

William Terrill – Menomonie

R.E. Zimmerman – Menomonie

Don P. Rice – Colfax

Robert L. Pierce – Menomonie

The United Way of Dunn County is governed by a group of community citizens with the best interest of the organization at heart.   If you are interested in volunteering through Board Membership, please contact Jennifer Thatcher at jthatcher@uwaydunn.org or 715-235-3800.  


Pam Powers – President

Tim Bartels – President Elect

Michael Keenan – Treasurer

Ashley Zwier – Secretary


Alexander Edden

Tom Hallgren

Stephanie Hintz

Kim Lehmann

Nick Russo

Donita Stanley

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